We are sorry for the inconvenience but we are no longer in business. As operating costs rise the amount of necessary work required to stay operating is unjustifiable. Thank you for all the wonderful times and memories.

Mt. Dora

Mount Dora 2013  Winter Schedule; Weather Permitting!

Starting January 15th to May we will be in Mt Dora for day history tours on Wed & Thurs from 12-4 pm, Fri 6-10 pm, Sat 12-4-pm & 6-10 pm and Sun 12-4 pm.

Get a ride when and where you want it without waiting!
Private rides are 30 minutes.
$100.00 +Gratuity for the carriage.
Our carriage will hold 6 adults and three kids.
(Up to 9 adults if everyone is of light build.)

The three seat white carriage, called a Vis-a-Vis Limo, holds up to 6 adults and three kids. The Burgundy carriage, called a Vis-a-Vis holds 4 adults and two kids.

Contact Us for availability and Reservations

Whether in Mount Dora or on your street, the 16 passenger Adventure Wagon is a party waiting to happen!

In Historical Downtown Mount Dora: Weddings start at $295.00 for the first hour and $175.00 for each additional hour or part thereof. Plus gratuity for your driver.

For more Mount Dora info: www.mountdora.com, www.WhatToDoInMtDora.com, www.mtdora.org